Pokhara overthrowing the beauty of heaven (Photo feature)

  • 17th October, 2016
  • Tourism Mail

With the bliss of natural beauty, Pokhara is not only popular in Nepal but in the world. Annapurna mountain range, Machhapuchre Mountain, River Seti, Caves and Lakes are the attracting gifts to the tourists.


Lekhnath municipality in Pokhara has its own identity. It is popular for its name as town of seven lakes. Nepal’s biggest lake, Begnas lies in Lekhnath. The beautiful Begnas lake covers 3 hundred and 23 hector area and is 10 meter deep.


When Begnas Lake is attracting lots of tourists, the Rupa Lake also tends to appeal lots of tourists towards it. It covers 1 hundred and 63 hector area and is 6 meter deep.


Pokhara itself is a heaven and the beauty of ponds and lakes adds more attractiveness to Pokhara. The number of tourists enjoying the beauty of Pokhara increases in Dashain.


The clear sky, blue lakes and green hills appeals the people towards it. The domestic and foreign tourists visiting Pokhara in Dashain captures the pulchritudinous of Pokhara in their eyes.

Green hills covered with white clouds in its top, looks magnificent. Lakes with the reflection of white snow –covered mountains, green hills and clear blue sky, cannot be explained in words. The tempted beauty of Pokhara can fade out the beauty of heaven.

Photo by: U.p. Lamichhane









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