1 billion rupees separated for “Visit Nepal 2020”

13th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 13: People have started to show their concern for the duty to be performed by Suraj Baidhya who is currently appointed as the coordinator of Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign.  The government has already separated budget of 1 billion 7 hundred 10 million rupees for the campaign.

The government has given special priority to the neighboring countries of Nepal and has to plans to invite 1000’s of media personnel all around the world. Also, government has planned to provide trainings to the youths to increase the manpower of the country. The coordinator of the campaign will be providing destination education and has separated the budget of 3 hundred 7 million rupees for management of tourism market and its promotion.

Likewise, 3 hundred 2 million budget is separated for communication and 50 million rupees for investigation plans. The government has set plans to extend the staying period of tourist stay from 12 days to 15 days.