15 organizations found guilty for fake rescue

15th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: The investigation department has found 15 organizations guilty for charging huge amount of fees from the tourists. The department has requested various concerned departments to take action against those organizations.

The government have investigated those organizations which charges huge amount of money in the name of rescue while trekking. Some trekking and travel agencies, Hospitals, Rescue committee and helicopter companies are found to be involved in fake rescue. The investigation department submitted the application to Rabindra Adhikari, Minister of Culture, and Tourism and Civil aviation (MoCTCA) on 30th July.

In the application, the department has requested; Tourism ministry, Home ministry, Prime Minister Department, Rastra Bank, Revenue Investigation Department, Health Ministry and Municipality Police department and other ministry to take action against 15 organizations among which 3 of them is Helicopter Company, 8 Travel and rescue organization and 4 hospitals.

The names of organizations involved in fake rescue are Manang air, Air dynasty, Heli Everest, Himalaya Social Journey, Mountain rescue, Kailash Chartered, Easy Heli, Eagle heli, Flight connection, Alpine Rescue, Moutain heli, Vayodha Hospital, CIWEC Hospital, Era health centre, Swacon International Hospital.

An investigative department has also been formed for the investigation of organizations involved in fake rescue and charging high amount of money from tourists. The committee has been formed under General Secretary of Inv instigative department with other 6 members. Home Ministry has decided to take action against the guilty ones.