15th series of Handicraft Trade Fair starts in Nepali Capital

19th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: A five day long marathon exhibiting handicrafts and other artistic designs has kick started in Nepali capital Kathmandu. The trade fair bears the objective of promoting Nepali handicrafts and sculptures are being organized by the Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal (FHAN).

The 15th edition of the exhibition has 200 stalls and 10 pavilions showcasing various handicraft products, arts and crafts, gift items, pottery and others. Traditional as well as modern arts and crafts from artists and artisans are being showcased in the fair.

According to FHAN, the fair is a platform for artists, artisans, craftsmen, craft producers, suppliers, exporters, importers, and buyers from around the globe to gather under one roof.

Buyers and sellers from Japan, China, India and Bhutan will also be present at the fair to explore the Nepali handicrafts market.

“FHAN has been organising Handicraft Trade Fair since 1991 to promote traditional and contemporary art and crafts and culture of Nepal,” said FHAN President, Dharma Raj Shakya. Traders and businessmen from 25 different districts have participated in the fair, added Shakya.

The fair aims to bring new opportunities for artists, artisans, craft entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and buyers to establish business relations as well as promoting their businesses.

The fair will feature special attractions like intangible cultural heritage, stall and pavilion competition, artisans at work, B2B and B2C workshops, best product competition and trend display of 2018-19. The trend display will offer a look into products that will hit the market in 2018-19, according to the organizer.

The 13th Craft Competition is also being held at the fair.

The objective of the Craft Competition is to encourage and attract young generation to the handicraft sector.

41 participants will be participating in the competition and three people will be awarded with cash prices on the basis of their production displayed at the fair. There will be cash prize of Rs50,000, Rs30,000 and Rs20,000 for first, second and third placed winners respectively.

Organizers said that they invested Rs10 million to hold the fair and the government chipped in Rs2 million and they expect business transactions of more than Rs100 million this year during the expo. Last year, the fair witnessed Rs80 million worth of transactions.

Nepali handicraft products have huge demand in the national and international market.

FHAN exports more than 50 different types of handicraft products to almost 80 countries. According to FHAN, the handicraft sector has provided employment to around 1.1 million people directly or indirectly.