2017 to be the year with highest tourist influx for Nepal

22nd Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 22 : The official records of the Department of Immigration of Nepal have been convincing the entrepreneurs and the government that the current year of 2017 will be recorded the year with highest tourist influx.

It is expected that about a million of tourists will be visiting Nepal and the DoI record already has shown that a total of 7.57 Lakhs tourists have arrived Nepal in first 10 months of the 2017. This flow has convinced the entrepreneurs that additional 2.50 Lakhs tourists will be arriving country in forthcoming two months.

The flow of tourists in last ten months also has surpassed the number of arrivals last year in the same period by 23 percent. “The number of tourists arriving Nepal in first ten months of this year is recorded the highest in Nepali history. Previously in 2012 we were able to bring in 8 Lakhs tourists,” Genreal Secretary of Hotel Association of Nepal Binayak Shah said.

Along with the increased influx Nepal has generated a total of 8 Billion rupees as revenue just in 2 months of the current fiscal year. In 2016/17 Nepal have earned 58.69 billion rupees which was high by 40 percent in comparison with the amount collected in 2015/16, in the incumbent year Nepal added 41.76 billion rupees from the tourists.