21K Cube feet woods demanded for reconstruction of Nepali Heritages

12th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: A total of 21 Thousand 228 cube feet woods are demanded in the Timber Corporation of Nepal for the reconstruction of the heritage sites demolished in Nepal Earthquake.

The demand has been remanded by the 10 Nepali heritages for the reconstruction via the Department of Archeology after the heritage sites got demolished by the shaking of the quake of April 2015.

The Kasthamandap has demanded for 14 Thousand, Bhairabi Temple in Nuwakot has demanded 12 Thousand, Rato Macchendranath has demanded for 68 Thousand, Khadadevi Temple of Ramechhap has demanded for 500 Thousand, Dhaneshwor Temple of Dolakha has demanded 3 Thousand, Char Narayan and Hari Shankar Temple- Patan has demanded 1 Thousand 450, Mangalsen Durbar of Accham has demanded for 1 Thousand 920 and the Kanka Sundari Temple of Jumla has demanded for 278 cube feet woods for the reconstruction.

The Timber Corporation’s General Manager has informed that the procedure of dispatching the woods will start after formulating the work frame via the Department of Archeology.

“We will co-ordinate with the Department of the Archeology and they start letting the woods flow for the reconstruction of the heritage sites,” Raju Laudari, General Manager of the Timber Corporation of Nepal said.

Also he informed that the woods will be dispatched in every Four months for the re-construction but the DoA has not stated about the size of the logs that are required for the reconstruction.