22 climbers make rare autumn ascent of Manaslu main summit

1st Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: A total of 22 mountaineers including 19-year-old Chinese Liu Mihe have scaled the main summit of Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, a feat not seen in 45 years in the fall season, the expedition's organizer said Friday.

Led by Mingma Sherpa, better known as Mingma G, 14 Nepali and eight foreign climbers reached the main summit of Mt. Manaslu on Sept. 27. The last time climbers scaled the main peak in the fall season was in 1976.

The height of the main peak is 8,163 meters, and the mountaineering fraternity calls it "true summit."

"Despite having body weight over 100kg, he (Liu Mihe) could climb the main peak with ease and determination," Mingma G, managing director of Imagine Nepal Trek and Expedition, told Xinhua.

In a video clip, Liu was seen displaying a Chinese national flag on his way to the summit.

According to Mingma G, the Chinese climber had been staying in Nepal due to COVID-19-related restrictions after his attempt on Mt. Lhotse (8,516m) in May was thwarted by two cyclones.

"He was bored staying in Kathmandu, so he joined us on Manaslu and he made it to the summit," Mingma G wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Mingma G, Mt. Manaslu is targeted every year, but climbers usually reach the "fore-summit," which is just below the main summit, a practice accepted as a successful ascent.

"The mountaineers generally don't venture to go to the main peak because the short snow-covered rock outcrop is very steep like a knife ridge and is very dangerous," explained Mingma G, who was among the climbers scaling K2, the world's second-highest mountain located in Pakistan, for the first time in January.

The Himalayan Database, a compilation of records created in Nepali Himalayan mountains, congratulated Mingma G and his team on reaching the "true summit" and the highest point of Mt. Manaslu in the fall season.

"This is the second time this point was reached during the autumn season, and the first time since 1976," the Himalayan Database wrote on its Facebook page. (Xinhua)