22 hotels adds up in Pokhara

3rd Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, August 03: The city of Lakes has added up 22 new hotels and lodges targeting the tourists. The number of hotels and lodges in Pokhara has increased by 24 in comparison to the data’s provided by the Tourism Office, Pokhara.

In the last fiscal year 22 hotels with investment from 500 thousands to 20 million came into operation, Chief Director of Pokhara Tourism Office Tankanath Lamsal said. He also added that the number of rooms in hotels within one year has increased by 3 thousand 5 hundred and 29.

In the fiscal year of 2073/ 74 an estimated amount of 130 million was invested in the hospitality sector of Pokhara, the data from the Tourism office, Pokhara shows. Prior to last year the investment in the same sector stood at 160 million a year before.

The governmental officials blame the hospitality investors of hiding the exact amount of investment in the sector which indeed has shown the low investment in the sector. But in reality they also have found an average investment from 150 to 200 million rupees investment in the hospitality sector in the district. The government has fixed the registration amount of the Non-star Hotels to 10, 000 rupees whereas the Tourist and the deluxe hotels registration is charged with 40, 000 rupees.

Despite the monitoring and the regulation of the hotels some of the hotels are still to be registered and the Tourism Office Pokhara blames the inadequate human resources for the failure to bring them on track.

“We lack the enough manpower and resources which have been the setback for us and some of the entrepreneurs register the hotels as other business which has reduced the hotel registration in the district,” Chief Director Lamsal said.

The inadequate punishment provision also has let the entrepreneurs to escape from the timely renewal of the registration as the hoteliers once registering the hotel in the concerned body don’t renew after the time of 5 years which is mandatory.