23rd Pokhara Street Festival from 30th December

28th Dec, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Dec 13: The 23rd edition of Pokhara Street Festival is scheduled to be held on December 1.

The street festival is being organized with the objective of promoting tourism and Pokhara as an 'English New Year's destination' by disseminating positive information that 'Pokhara is opening up' by paying attention to the Covid Health Protocol.

The street festival will be held in an area of about 3 km from the lakeside area of Pokhara from December 30th  to January 1st . Festival coordinator Naresh Bhattarai said that various cultural programs and original costumes will be displayed with the objective of 'Eat in the street, Enjoy in the street'.

The festival will feature national and international food shows, double song competitions, jhaki performances, night concerts, boat races, open veteran tennis competitions, waiter races, wheelchair races, institutional volleyball competitions and tug of war.