2nd Suryodaya Street Festival taking place on April 12

9th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

ILAM, Apr 09: Tourist city of east Ilam, Suryodaya, is conducting its 2nd Suryodaya Street Festival for the promotion of tourism in the city.

Organizers of the festival said that the program will take place for 4 days from April 12-15. Secretary of hte organizing committee, Yuvraj Pradhan, said the festival is being organized with the aim to attract 150 thousand tourists. The festival will feature food dishes from different cultures, local agricultural produce, and products from the local cottage industries. The festival will have 100 stalls featuring similar attractions.

The festival will also have the presence of national artists like Nabin K. Bhattarai and Indira Joshi in all four days of the festival for musical entertainment, said President of the organizing committee, Abhishek Shrestha. The festival will promote the religious and tourism destinations of Suryodaya including Kanyam, Shriantu, Simpani, Panchakanya Temple, Lepcha Gumba, Pashupatinagar region, etc.

The street festival will also have a free health clinic and a tourist information center to inform visitors about the many attractions in Suryodaya area as well as all of Ilam.

Secretary of the organizing committee, Yuvraj Pradhan, said that the street festival is being organized in continuity by the Suryodaya Hotel Entrepreneurs Association as the local authorities have shown no interest in promoting tourism in the area.