3 pair of new helicopters to make debut in Nepali sky

30th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 30 : Six new helicopters are set to make debut in Nepali skies with the investors get attracted by extensive income from the service.

The Kailash Helicopter Pvt. Ltd is making preparations to bring in two helicopters. “We are going forward with the process of acquiring the helicopter. We have submitted application requesting AOC from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal,” President of Kailash Helicopter Ashish Sherchan said.

Likewise, the Fishtail Air is also has advanced with the process of buying new helicopters. “The next two helicopters will be delivered within August of 2018,” Operation Chief of the Air Ramesh Shiwakoti said.

The Simrik Air is also on its way to add new helicopter in its fleet. The General Manager of the airlines, Prem Thapa informed of company’s intention to add two more helicopters.

The Air Dynasty recently has added a new helicopter with which the air service provider now has 5 helicopters in its fleet and the new one will soon join the others. It previously used to provide rescue service but now it is offering service for the pilgrims and recreation like sightseeing.

Though the Nepali Airlines and Helicopter Service Provider are expanding their fleet the business over it is largely dependent on the foreign tourists. The foreigners who want to go for sightseeing of the Himalayas are the main guests for the Helicopter service providers.