300 conquer Mt. Manaslu in 2017

8th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

GORKHA, Jan 08: A total of 301 mountaineers have successfully climbed Mt Manaslu in 2017. According to the Manaslu Area Conservation Plan (MCAP), a total of two hundred 47 men and 54 women have climbed Mt. Manaslu.

[caption id="attachment_11852" align="alignnone" width="827"] Photo: Mt. Manaslu[/caption]

The Chief of MCAP, Mr Narendra Lama informed that last September, there were 57 male and 26 female climbers who climbed Mt. Manaslu, 35 males and 23 females in October, and 31 male and 8 females in November. In May, there were 25 males only and in June there were 9 males and 7 females who successfully climbed Mt Manaslu.

According to MCAP, this is the highest rate of climbers who climbed Mt Manaslu. Lama said that this may have happened because the road was more reliable. This year a lot of group came from Manang because now there is a good road transportation from Manang to Dharapani and from there they can reach Samagau within 2-3 days.

“Due to good road network and political stability, the number of climbers has increased,” said Lama. He also added that landslides did not cause much destruction like earlier years and the environment was very reliable for tourists and that may be the possible reason for the increase in the number of climbers this year.

Three Gorkhali women have also climbed Manaslu this year. Mt. Everest climber Phonjo Lama, Maya Gurung and photo journalist Purnima Shrestha have also climbed Mt Manaslu. According to climber Phonzo Lama, climbers have been added to Manaslu due to the ban on Choyu mountain climb this year.

The famous Mt. Manaslu in Gorkha’s Samagaun is also known as Killer Mountain due to the dangerous nature of its ascent.