300 million rupee hotel being constructed at Chitwan

19th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Feb 19: A 300 million resort by the name of Chitwan Garden Resort has started construction at Bharatpur Metropolitan City, amidst the increasing hotel investment in the region. The resort is being built near the airport at Ward No. 6.

Steel structure for the resort's building is being built, said the President of the organization Keshav Karki. The resort has a 49-member share. The project will spend 8 months building the interior and 4 months for the exterior, finishing the construction within the year. Board member Shivaji Dhakal said that the hotel will provide employment to 70 people. It also consists two swimming pools, and two event halls, which will be able to accomodate 600 people. A 26-foot road will also be constructed around the hotel. As the hotel is situated near the airport, the rooms are being constructed for good view to the airport and its open space, said Karki. As Chitwan is seeing an upsurge in both domestic and foreign tourists, with new structures being constructed in the health and education sector, the hotel was constructed with the aim to help the development of the city, said Karki.