41,000 tourist in Tilaurakot

14th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

TILAURAKOT, Jan 14: 41,553 tourist have visited the ancient place of Kapilvastu, Tililaurakot in 2017. Among the tourists 37,865 were foreigners, 1,511 were Indian and 2,177 were Nepali. This number has increased by 7000 compared to last year as there were 36471 tourist visiting Tilaurakot in 2016.

According to Rajesh Gyawali, member of the Lumbini Development fund , the excavation work going at Tilaurakot has helped in promotion of the place and attracted many tourists there. In particular, tourists of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and other countries have come here.

The place is visited by Buddhists because of the Buddhist belief that one can only get peace in the after life if one comes to the palace there and conduct religious rituals, according to Bhikshyu Maitri Mahasthabir.

Tilaurakot, where Gautam Buddha spent 29 years of his life, is mainly visited by foreign tourists. Tourists from Vatican City, Japan, Germany, France, and China are seen in Tilaurkot.

In 2015, 23 thousand 496 foreigners had visited the ancient palace of Buddha's father King Suddhodhan. In 2014,  30,234 and in 2013 27,200 foreigners here. September to March is considered as the tourist months.  Sanjay Sharma, a staff of Lumbini Development Fund of Tilautakot, said that more than ninety percent of tourist  come to wish for world peace and harmony, and pilgrimage. According to local Tej Kumar Baudhacharya, the increase in number of tourists in Tilaurkot is positive. Due to the lack of concrete planning and physical infrastructure, he said that tourists have to come from India to Lumbini and after visiting Lumbini go to Tilaurakot.