5000 visitors attended fair at Gosainkunda amid corona terror

23rd Aug, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

RASUWA, Aug 23: Around 5,000 pilgrims have attended the fair at Gosaikunda, a religious place in Rasuwa.  The Gosainkunda Area Development Committee, which has been managing the Gosainkunda fair every year, had postponed the fair this time due to Covid-19. Even though the fair has been postponed, the pilgrims have come by vehicles.

Last year, about 1,000 pilgrims had attended the fair. A fair is held in Gosaikunda for 10 days on the occasion of Janapurnima. Domestic and foreign nationals come to Gosainkunda for the purpose of pilgrimage, adventurous trekking and mountaineering. According to the Langtang National Park, tourists also visit Gosaikunda to study biodiversity and geology. Until a few years ago, pilgrims used to come only during the fair, but recently they have been coming at other times as well.

There are four trekking routes; Dhunche-Gosainkunda, Thadepati-Gosainkunda, Yarsa-Gosainkunda and Sagarkunda-Gosainkunda. There are three main ways to get there. The Kathmandu-Dhunche-Gosainkunda road is the busiest road for passengers. One can travel from Kathmandu to Dhunche by car. After that, once can reach Gosaikunda by  Dhunche-Chandanbari, Chandanbari-Lauribina and Lauribina- Gosainkunda route.

Thousands of devotees come to bathe in the pool every year with the belief that by bathing in the pool and seeing Gosain Baba, Lord Shiva, they will get rid of their lifelong sins. They also swim in the river with the belief that their wishes will get fulfilled.