65,000 tourists visit Nepal in June

19th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 19: 65 thousand tourists have visited Nepal in June 2018. This season is considered as off season for tourists, but the increasing number of tourists during this season is becoming the hope for the development of tourism in our country.

According to the information given to Department of Immigration by Nepal Tourism Board, 65,159 tourists have visited Nepal in June of this year. This statistics shows that the number of tourists as compared to last year’s June has increased by 13.4%. Last year, 55,156 tourists had visited Nepal in the same month. The month of October, November, February, March and April are taken as the main favorable season for the tourists whereas the month December, January, September, May, June, July and August are considered as the off season.

The number of tourists from SAARC reason has increased by 28.1% and has reached to the total number of 26,573 tourists. The numbers of tourists from India has increased by 28.8% and have reached to 23,899 tourists. Likewise, The number of tourists from the countries of Asia, Europe, China and America have increased to 23.6%,  9.6%, 34.1% and 15.3%  respectively.

As per the information provided by Nepal Tourism Board, 4,20,014 tourists have visited Nepal as as compared to the previous year it has increased by 23%.