7 destinations identified in Chitwan with the concept of city tour

28th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Sep 28: Tourism entrepreneur’s of Sauraha has identified the new destinations with the concept of city tour as tourism of Sauraha is being dependent on Safari Tourism. They have decided to conduct tours to the tourists in 7 new destination of the district.



According to the Suman Ghimire President of Sauraha Regional Hotel Association, A special package of 7 destinations has been created to promote other various destinations carrying possibilities of tourism. The package consists of destination like Sauraha environmental conservation fund museum, Tharu museum, Chitrasen baba located near Chitrasena of Ratnanagar and Krishna Pranami Temple.

Environmental Conservation Fund’s museum consists the remaining of the dead animals, Tharu museum consists of the objects reflecting Tharu vulture, Chitrasenbaba is the ancient temple and Krishna Pranami Temple is constructed with the investment of more than 5 hundred million rupees.

The other 3 destination of the package falls on Bharatpur Municipality in which Devghat Dham, Narayani and Tinkhole Gumba are the new destinations. Devghat is one of the ancient religious site, Narayani river is also one of the beautiful destination situated near the market and Tinkhole Gumba is another religious destination.

Safari in Sauraha creates excitement in the tourists by elephant climbing, trekking but the added destinations helps tourists to explore the Chitwan region in higher level. Most of the tourists visits Chitwan National Park and they enjoy the culture and tradition of Tharu community that’s why tourism entrepreneurs are trying to explore new places with the help of this package to increase the number of tourists.