7 new hotels being constructed in Bhaktapur

26th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 26: 7 new hotels are being constructed in Bhaktapur. Among these hotels, 3 of them are almost completed. Hotel Bhadgaun and Hotel City Guest House are one of biggest hotels being constructed in Bhaktapur.

There are around 50 rooms in Hotel Bhadgaun. The proprietor of the hotel, Nawal Kishor Rajbhandari said that the hotel will be operated from November. The hotel will be operated with full facility by 2019. Likewise, there are 33 rooms in Bhaktapur City Guest House. The operator of the hotel, Ranjit Marikhule, said that the hotel will be operated from this November.

Similarly, Malla Inn Hotel is also being constructed in Nagarkot which consists of 17 rooms. The decoration works of the hotel is being carried out currently. Another hotel is also being constructed in Bhaktapur Municipality-2. 48 people can stay in the hotel at one time. Currently the decoration works are being carried our. Similarly, another hotel is also being constructed in Taumadi. This hotel is being constructed for the tourists and it will be operated from the coming Bisket Jatra.

Ram Sundar Bhele, President of Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee said that there are around 50 hotels being operated in Bhaktapur including big and small ones. Currently the hotels of the Bhaktapur region have capacity of keeping 525 people and after the completion of new hotels more 300 people can be added.

President of the Bhaktapur Association of Hotels said that the number of hotels will increase in Bhaktapur region by 2020. These hotels will play great role in making Bhaktapur a suitable destination for tourists.