700 Million Masterplan for Tourism Development in Dharapani

27th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

DANG, Dec 27: A 700 million rupee masterplan has been devised for the tourism development of Dharapani, Dang, where the tallest trident of the world is situated. The Pandeshwor Mahadev Temple Management Committee has produced this plan to develop Dharapani as a top tourism destination of Nepal in the next 10 years.

The Pandeshwor Mahadev Temple had been constructed two year ago in Dharapani with the tallest trident in the world. Secretary of the Temple Management Committee, Bishnu Ram Acharya, said that the plan was put forward to develop the area as a religious tourism destination. “We have created a masterplan of approximately Rs. 700 million with a grand plan, and the work on the plan has already been started,” he said, “our main aim is to establish this region as an important religious tourism spot in the next ten years.”

According to the masterplan, constructions like on-kunda, 108 gaumukhi taps, 108 shivalingas have been completed besides plantation of 1800 pairs of bar and pipal tree plants.

It has been specified in the plan that 200 million rupees will be obtained from government corporations while 500 million rupees will be obtained from donors. Acharya informed that the renovation of the main temple situated at 2600 meters is part of the plan, besides additions like a 31 quintal bell in the temple premises, and the construction of 4963 steps reaching to the temple.The 200 million received from the government is to be used in the constructtion of a lake, park, and a viewtower.

Dharapani is a religious tourism destination of Dang which daily attracts 2000 visitors according to the Temple Development Committee. The place also hosts a 5-day festival each year on the occasion of Shivaratri.