8 million is being spent on infrastructure development of Salyan's tourism sector

22nd Feb, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

SALYAN, Feb 22: Rs. 8 million will be spent on infrastructure development of the tourism sector in this district.

The amount is being spent for the infrastructure development of various natural and religious heritages in the district. According to the Division Forest Office, Salyan, the natural and cultural heritage is being developed in the current fiscal year.

The major tourist areas of the district are Kupinde Lake, Khairawang Temple, Chandni Sattale Cave and Laxmipur Shaktipith. The office said that the infrastructure development work has been started with the objective of supporting tourism development by protecting the natural and cultural heritage.

In the current Fiscal Year 2077/07, tourism infrastructure work will be done in the district through the Forest Office from the budget allocated by the Karnali State Government. Divisional Forest Officer Ramesh Kumar Giri informed that infrastructure has been developed in four tourist areas of the district in the current fiscal year.

Under this, Rs 2.5 million has been allocated for construction of path around Kupinde Lake, Rs 2.5 million for motor road connecting Chaiwang to Khairawang connecting Khairawang temple, Rs 1.5 million for infrastructure development at Chandni Satsate Gufa Lekhpokhara and Rs 1.5 million for Laxmipur tourism infrastructure development.

An agreement is being prepared for the development of infrastructure in the tourist areas of the districts where the budget has been allocated. Last year, a budget of Rs. 20 million was allocated for infrastructure development in six tourist areas of the district.