90% hotels booked in current tourism season

4th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 04: Tourism has increased enthusiastically in the beginning of 2018. According to tourism entrepreneurs, there was less number of tourists in the previous year due to various strike and political instability. Now, the number is slowly picking up. The main indicator of the arrival of the tourist is hotel booking which seems to be on the rise.

Businessmen say that there is more that 90 percent booking in this arriving season. General Secretary of the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Binayak Shah informed that the second tourism season is starting and hotels are booked to more than 90% of capacity. For the season, the number of tourists has increased in hotels, travel and trekking, according to entrepreneurs. According to Shah, the booking said that 90 percent of the bookings could be canceled due to the disruptions in the airport. "Though there is booking before the season, the booking can be cancelled before 15 days,” he said.

During the year 2017, around 940,215 foreign tourists visited Nepal. Tourism Board has estimated more than 1.2 million tourists will visit Nepal in 2018.

In 2017, the hotel occupation had reached 65 percent. "The tourists who want to come to Nepal have not received air tickets due to infrastructure problems," said General Secretary Shah. The infrastructure of hotel currently has also been able to provide service to more than 1.8 million tourists. Over 20,000 hotel rooms are being added by 2020.

Two years ago, due to the earthquake in April 25, tourist arrivals decreased by 32 percent in 2015. Madhusudan Acharya, the president of the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), said that more than 1.2 million tourists will visit Nepal in 2018. He said that to accomplish this, the government needs to give special emphasis on the infrastructure.