A village in Eastern Nepal revives introducing Home-stay over coming quake trauma

10th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

LAMJUNG, Oct 10: The Tourist destination of Lamjung’s Western Village of Raginaskot was devastated by the earthquake of 2015. The people crippled through hard times after the jolt but now the situation has changed.

Villagers here have stood back to the track with the introduction of the Home Stay for their income and the village also has stood back leaving behind the scarce and trauma of the devastating earthquake.

Out of the 14 reconstructed houses in the village 9 of them have introduced Home Stay facility with an initial capital of One Crore and 50 Lakhs.

“All the reconstructed houses are quake restraint and indeed follows the traditional style,” Coordinator of the Raginaskot re-construction program, Bibek Pandit said. Raginaskot which is predominantly Gurung locality also has a museum which tends to preserve the culture and the showcase it to the visitors.

Not only reviving from the trauma and standing up from the rubble the village also has made the initiation of “Agro-tourism” which plans to establish a Green House in every house for the cultivation of vegetables and also the use of cow dung and other alternatives for cooking.