A visit to city of dreams : Goa

9th Feb, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Goa has always been the most fascinating place for people of all age groups .

Talking about me , I as a teenager always wanted to visit Goa . It was a dream come true for me when I was finally marching to fulfill my desire of visiting Goa. There is no direct flights from Kathmandu to Goa so we had connecting flights from Kathmandu (TIA) to Delhi International Airport and then Goa.

The service from Indian Air was wonderful. The food and beverages were generously served and it was nice travelling with them . It was already

midnight when we finally landed to the Goa Airport. Now the time had arrived when I could finally step into Goa. Goa Airport is one of the busiest airport around India due to heavy flow of domestic and international tourists. Undoubtedly, One's should visit Goa at December and January as it is comparatively less hot.

The airport is around 30 km from Panjim which is the state capital situated in North Goa and 4 km away from Vasco Da Gama city situated in South Goa. We had lots of things to do and had very limited number of days so I had a bucket full of things to do in Goa. After landing in Goa, I realized why this place comes to every person's wish list. Its beauty totally mesmerized me and meanwhile  I was so exited I could not sleep the whole night.


I kept planning about what to do and where to go throughout the night. The next morning we had a lot of things to see and a lot of places to see . We stayed near Anjuna Beach and we first visited the famous Anjuna Beach . It was not a very populated beach rather it was peaceful as the famous ANJUNA FLEA MARKET had just ended last night . There were beaches all over the place as Goa stretching along the coastline of the Arabic Sea. The few beaches were Anjuna , Baga , Vagatore and Candolim.


Anjuna seemed to be a peaceful rocky beach whereas Candolim and Bagha beaches were full of people who wanted to party and enjoy looking at people. And not to forget! Ones must try the delicious taste of seafood and ride the breathtaking ferry ride where you can observe the Goa Jail built ages ago. Similarly, If you are searching for peace in the bustling city you can watch dolphins there.


If you are a movie lover you will enjoy visiting Agoda Fort and A bunglow where bollywood shooting takes place . The Masala Mango can be a good snack to munch during the ride . Water adventure sports is another must do thing if one visits Goa . Jetsking, Parasailing and Banana boating was done by most of the people there. This can be a great place to explore your real taste for adventure.

While taking about the night life of Goa this place is full of tourists and they have an amazing night life . Cruise party and dinner is amazing too . For our second day we visited Old Goa which is famous for its churches . We visited Basilica of Bom Jesus , Se Cathedral , Archeological museum etc . This place is famous for its historic monuments built back in 16th and 17th century. The rest of the day we did some shopping and it is really fun shopping in

Goa . Goa and its beauty left me mesmerized and the two days there was spent like a blink of an eye.


Text/Photo: Tapshya singh Thakuri