‘Aalital’ of Dadeldhura waiting for conservation

22nd Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

DADELDHURA, Jan 22: Aalital Lake in Dadheldhura district below the Mahabharat range is in the verge of extinction because of the ignorance in preservation. The waste material and decayed leaves of trees has accumulated the lake which is decreasing the size of lake every year.


"Although the lake has historical and religious importance there is no proper road to reach the lake. In lack of proper road domestic and international tourists are abandoned from visiting the lake," Jaya Bahadur Dala, Technician of Aalital VDC said.

"The construction of road to link the Aalital got started a decade ago but all the efforts went in vain with lack in budget and apathy from the government. It takes more than n hour walk to reach the Lake," Dala added. Though the lake can be a good destination for the tourists who like to go on foot the lack in preservation has hit hard on the flow of tourist.

The Aalital is located at a height of 800m from the sea level is being buried by the soil dumped by the landslide from Mahabharata Mountain.

If only we could protect the lake, we could easily attract a large number of internal as well as external tourists in the area, locals have been saying.

"In 2011 Aalital tourism development committee was established but their works are in snail pace or it can be say there is no work held by this community," local Raghu Bir Dhami said.

"This year the Department of Archaeology allocated Rs 1.5 million and Aalital VDC separated Rs. 6 hundred thousand for the construction of the three-kilometer road to reach Aalital," Secretary of Aalital VDC Jaye Bahadur Sahu said.