Adex India-Mumbai Dive Show Brand launched at Adex Singapore show

17th Apr, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

INDIA:  Mumbai Dive Show Brand has been launched at the 25th Anniversary Adex Singapore Show. It is  the first ever scuba diving travel event planned to be hosted in India from 4th - 6th October in Mumbai. 


The event Asia Dive Expo India - Mumbai Dive Show is a joint event of underwater 360 Singapore in affiliation with High-rise and Events Solution. Celebrated for more than two decades in Asia since its inception in 1995, the 25th edition of Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) – the largest, and the longest-running dive show in Asia – is driven and organized by the Underwater 360 group.


Being the pioneer of unique ideas, ADEX hopes to educate the public with messages of conservation and fuel their love for the ocean. Influence everyone to become leaders in their own faculties, inspiring many to take a step towards marine conservation and it also ensures that visitors are not only entertained, but also educated through the plethora of activities and programs curated for the show. Adex hope that everyone who attends will be engaged emotionally, mentally, and even physically through activities such as the ‘try dives’ and ‘pool sessions’.


Alongside the trade exhibition platform represented by diverse trade and business stakeholders such as dive operators, equipment manufacturers, and national tourism boards, ADEX congregates distinguished VIPs and thought-leaders and speakers from across the globe. These include scientists, marine conservationists, underwater photographers and videographers. ADEX also provides a space for communities within the diving industry to meet, network, share stories, and exchange ideas. From the existing pool of divers, ADEX endeavors to inspire non-divers or underwater aspirers to plunge into the diving world. Through curated programmes such as “try-dives” and inspirational industry figures, we hope to raise a new generation of divers and grow the diving community around the world.