Advance booking of more than 80% tickets for Dashain

30th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 30: More than 80% of Air tickets have been booked. The concerned airline companies have reported that as Nepal Airlines have announced advance booking on the occasion of Dashain, around 80% of the tickets have been already sold out. The booking for the transportation was closed for some time as the transportation businessman had announced strike due to the price hike of petrol so due to this reason most of the airline tickets are booked.

Among all the airlines Buddha air has been successful by getting most of its ticket booked. Chief Marketing and Sales of Saurya Air said that, around 80% of the tickets have been booked whereas only 35% of the tickets of Saurya Airlines have been booked.

Similarly, Most of the tickets of Yeti Airlines have been booked. Sri Airlines have also been able to pre sell its 80% of the tickets, said spokesperson of Yeti airlines, Anil Manandhar. These airlines are also planning to add the number of flights on the occasion of Dashain.

Likewise,  Simrik air has not announced pre booking of tickets yet but it will be adding 4 more flights in the time of Dashain. Co- Spokesperson of NAC, Sailesh Kanskar informed that NAC will be opening its pre booking service before 1 week of Dashain.