Agreement between IME Pay and Unimoni Qatar to expand Remittance services digitally

28th Jan, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Unimoni Qatar, a company providing remittance services, and IME Limited, a leading remittance service provider in Nepal, and IME Pay, a digital payment service provider of IME Limited, have reached an agreement for PTP (EDA) money transfer. After the agreement, Nepali citizens who remit through Unimoni Qatar will be able to receive money directly in IME Pay Wallet. Following the agreement, Unimoni Qatar will become the first exchange to send money directly from Qatar to Nepal's IME Pay.

This understanding is another important step for both companies in digital transformation. This has provided an opportunity for its customers in Qatar to connect to digital platforms. This opportunity has provided a new facility for the service recipients to receive remittances sent from Unimoni Qatar directly to IME Pay in Nepal.

"I am delighted to be able to reach an agreement with IME Digital and IME Limited to make remittances sent by the millions of Nepali nationals scattered across Qatar for employment or business from Unimoni Qatar available for receiving via IME Pay” said Floyd Johnny, General Manager of Unimoni Qatar. Remittances can be sent to Nepal based on the mobile number registered with IME Pay and the name of the recipient, said General Manager Johnny. 

 “During the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic, clients can safely withdraw money from their wallets. He said that it is very important” Hem Raj Dhakal the chairman of IME Digital Solutions Ltd., the company promoting the IME Pay brand, Mentioning that Qatar is the main source of remittances to Nepal, Expressed confidence that Qatar's contribution to remittances to Nepal will increase with the expansion of this service.

Nepal is considered to be the largest market in South Asia in remittances, which receives more than eight trillion remittances annually. Given that Nepal's remittance market has been a top priority for Unimoni, the agreement is believed to add more convenience to service recipients. On the occasion of the launch of the service, IME Digital is offering a cashback of upto Rs. 60/- on every transaction made via Unimoni Qatar.

IME, the synonym for remittance service, has been considered by Nepalese all over the world as a reliable company. IME is the first and leading network remittance company in the market which has been providing continuous level of remittance service for the past two decades. Hem Raj Dhakal, Chairman, IME Digital Solutions Limited, said that the IME has made necessary arrangements to receive the remittance money in its own mobile wallet or through various means keeping in mind the security vigilance caused by the pandemic of Corona virus (Covid-19). When the Corona pandemic situation returns to normal, the money can be obtained from IME's agent outlets, Dhakal added.



About Unimoni: Unimoni Qatar is a leading exchange house licensed by the Central Bank of Qatar. Unimoni Qatar has been providing uninterrupted remittance services in various countries. The service has been available from its branch network for three hundred and sixty five days of the year.


About IME Limited: Since its inception, the company has been providing access to every single access to remittance services. In the 20th year it has been providing service in the rural areas as well as city areas of Nepal. Nepalese working abroad are sending their money through 225 IME centers distributed in 77 districts and 12000 sub agents including banks and BFIs. Nepalese working abroad have been distributing their hard earned money to their relatives in different parts of the country in a fast, reliable and secure manner.


About IME Digital Solution Limited: With a network of about 35,000 agent outlets, IME Pay is a digital financial service provider under the IME Group. IME Digital has obtained permission to provide mobile wallet service through telecommunication network as per Nepal Rastra Bank Payment and Sale Regulation-2072 BS. IME Digital is the first payment service provider in the country to receive such permission.

IME Digital will provide a mobile wallet service under the 'IME Pay' brand and with the help of this, the service recipients will be able to perform various payment related tasks through their mobiles themselves or with the help of agents. It has been providing payment services via QR codes; services ranging from recharging their mobile number to paying for various household and office bills at several online and on-the-spot stores, customers can also benefit from the convenience of money transfer between individuals. IME Digital aims to contribute to Nepal's financial inclusion by providing access to financial services to all the general public, including Nepalese who are deprived of banking facilities and have low banking facilities. IME Pay also has facility of cashback and interest on wallet balance. Another important feature of IME Pay wallet is that you can pay different types of bills and send money to any bank account.