Air pollution level in Lumbini high than in Capital

24th Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, March 24 : The Air pollution level in Birth Place of Gautam Buddha or the tourism center has been marked dangerous or high in comparison with Capital Kahmandu.

The report by the Department of Environment after conducting the test of the air pollution level has proved this stance.

According to the report on January 3 the air quality monitoring station recorded PM 2.5 at 109.08 micrograms per cubic meter whereas Lumbini recorded highest PM 2.5 concentration at 173.03 micrograms per cubic metre on January 14. January has been the most polluted month till now since the recording and monitoring started.

The government had resumed air quality monitoring process by establishing a station at Ratnapark on August last year. Altogether five air quality monitoring stations are currently operational throughout the country.

Apart from the month of January, Ratnapark recorded PM2.5 at 144.19 micrograms per cubic metre in December against 93.71 micrograms per cubic metre in Lumbini.

The department said the cause behind pollution in Lumbini could be ascertained only after studying the pollution data of nearby Indian cities. He claimed Ratnapark might have been the victim of being located on a lower ground as all dust particles finally gather at the bottom. Air quality monitoring stations have also been set up in Pulchock, Chitwan and Dhulikhel in coordination with ICIMOD.