Air services halted in 4 Karnali districts

4th Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, April 4: Due to the technical fault in the aircraft of Tara Airlines has resulted in the halt of air transport service in 4 districts of Karnali, Nepal's remote districts.

An aircraft of Tara Airlines is in Kathmandu for maintenance while other aircrafts have gone to eastern region to ferry passengers. Due to this, air services in Mugu, Jumla, Humla and Dolpa have been affected.

People are facing difficulties to reach their destinations.

Dozens of passengers remain stranded in the airport, informed Ganesh Aryal, Chief at the Rara Airport.

Most of the domestic tourists have been using road ways to reach their destinations.

According to Tara Airlines Nepalgunj Station In charge Dilip Karki, the aircraft of Tara Airlines was taken to Kathmandu two days ago for maintenance, but has not returned yet.