Airlines operator ready to fly from base station

22nd Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 22: Airlines have agreed to fly from their base stations. The airlines have agreed to spend the night at the base airport outside Kathmandu and make the first flight from the same airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had issued a directive on June 19 stating that the first flight should be made from the same airport after spending the night at the base airport designated by the helicopter company and the airline company.

The airline operators' association had protested against the unilateral provisions without any minimum consultation. They demanded five points and announced the suspension of all flights from Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, CAAN and the airline operators' association discussed and agreed to regularize flights and continue talks.

Deputy Director General and Spokesperson of CAAN Jagannath Niraula informed that the problem has been resolved after discussions with the airlines.

"We have found that there is a difference in understanding between the airlines and the disagreement," said Niraula. "Regular flights have resumed since Wednesday. Now it has been agreed not to stop the flight. '
He said that the airline has been operating flights based at Tribhuvan Airport. CAAN has given permission to the companies to fly to other airports including Kathmandu. For various reasons, that did not happen.

What is the capacity of TIA led by Prem Thakur, General Manager of Tribhuvan Airport? The committee was formed to report on the number of airlines that can be operated at night.

The committee reported that there were 52 domestic planes but only 17 parking capacity. Out of 38 helicopters, Kathmandu has only 21 capacity. CAAN had decided to keep it in Kathmandu only according to its capacity and the rest would go to the place where the base station was located after getting operating permission.

The CAAN has said that when all the planes are piled up in Kathmandu, there are problems such as the wings of the plane colliding and delays. Now it is kept in a disorderly manner.

"Now, the airline operates night flights from the airports outside Kathmandu where it is allowed to fly," said Niraula.

CAAN has stated that it will give priority to mountain flights from Kathmandu, Lukla and other airports as soon as the planes reach the base station.