Airlines renewing and upgrading licenses in Nepal

11th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: Airlines in Nepal are moving to start international flights and are applying the paperwork for the international license.

Two international flights which had lost their license and air operator certificates and another domestic flight company are now ready to conduct international flights.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, BB Airways and Alpine Airlines have given the application for license renewal. Similarly, the domestic flight Shree Airlines has given an application for international fixed flight licenses.

The Ministry is preparing to renew the license of two airlines and prepare plans to give internal airline to enter international flights.

According to the Chairman of BB Airways, Nepal Non-residential Association Bhatt, Alpine Air could not operate its service though it received the permission in 1998. Sir Airlines is the company that has received the permission of internal fixed wing the same year. He also mentioned that the Rotor Wang (helicopter) is the licensed company of International AOC.

Businessmen have been asking for a long time to allow the domestic airlines to occupy Nepali airports. However, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) disagrees to provide AOC to the airlines. According to the director of the CAAN Rajan Pokharal, it is unable to allow the new flight to the new airport because the international airport has become narrow. And especially they cannot provide license to those companies who are unable to buy airlines though they have a license.

Further he said, "We do not have enough space in the airport." The businessmen has accused that the priorities are given to foreign airlines rather than domestic airlines. That is why Foreign Airlines trade has been 90 percent in the international flight trade last time.

While flying in the airfield, foreign airlines are taking advantage of its potential. According to the statistics of the airport, 11 percent of the total number of passengers was carried by Nepal airlines in the and about 1 percent Himalayan Airlines. The remaining 88 percent of passengers were carried by foreign Airlines.

Three foreign airlines have been added this year. With this, a total of 29 foreigners and 2 Nepali companies are flying internationally. The presence of Nepal Airlines is weak. In the month of 2017, 90 percent of the passengers were carried by foreign airlines. According to businessmen, airlines who have internal flight or anyone who wants to come in it is difficult to get permission, but the foreigners can easily get the permission.

According to the flight permission procedure, any Nepalese airlines must have a five-year flight experience, 50 million rupees and three planes to be a jet plane to get international flight permission. The procedure to be processed every 3/3 years has not been processed after 2066. According to the current procedure, there are licenses ranging from A to C. To have C grade license the above mentioned procedure must be completed.

"The government has made unnecessary criteria on other than air security", Mittal said, "A system to allow capable airlines to fly."  The Ministry of Culture and Civil Aviation has prepared to revoke the procedure. Joint secretary Suresh Acharya informed that the Ministry has made a committee for amendment of procedures according to the arrangement to change the timeframe. He said that the proposal would be requested from airlines who want to go to international flight after the new procedure.