Airlines take responsibility for distribution of tickets to Karnali

25th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

DOLPA, Feb 25: Airlines are offering discounted flight tickets to Karnali from different locations like Nepalgunj. Airlines are taking the sales of the discounted tickets in their own hands after years of irresponsible and unfair air ticket price charged by the agencies.

The respective airlines’ official will be taking responsibilities for distribution of discounted air tickets for passengers opting to travel from Nepalgunj airport to entire sector of Karnali district.

Previously, the ticket distribution responsibilities were given to society serving organizations which resulted haphazard ticket price allocation.

Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN) has also requested the airlines to distribute tickets by giving more priority to the sick, disabled and students and has also requested passengers to buy tickets from the respective airline companies.

Tara Air, Summit Air and Sita Air have been conducting one schedule flight in a week whereas Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has been conducting two schedule flights in a week in the Karnali zone.

Most of the schedule flights have been delayed due to the priority given to the chartered flights. For chartered flight from Nepalgunj, two-way fare is charged.