Airport to be constructed in Upper Mustang

12th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

MUSTANG, Oct 12: An Airport is going to be established in the Upper Mustang of Nepal. This airport is going to be the second highest altitude airport of Nepal which is going to be constructed 3,600m above the sea level.

This airport will be 143m less than Nepal’s highest altitude airport, Syangboche. Syangboche airport is situated 7,148m above from sea level. The airport is going to be constructed in Damodar Lunda Village Municipality, Charang. This airport will be nearer to the border of China and it will be constructed under Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

According to the Member of Parliament, Indradhara Dhadu, after the submission of DPR to the Ministry, the construction work of the airport will be started. The research work for the airport is being carried out for now. Though the construction of the airport was announced since long period of time, the work has not started yet.

The engineering team of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has started the geographical survey in leadership of Pusparaj Neupane. Tourism Ministry is going to start 2 new projects in the following pace. The technical team had gone to study the possibilities of constructing airport regarding the height, direction of landing, possibilities of landing and its effect of the locals on 10th October.