Airports Across the Country Earn Rs. 7 Billion in Revenue

8th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 08: Airports around the country have earned a total profit of 7 billion , 40 Crores, 47 Lakhs, 8 Thousand 2 Hundred and 92 Rupees. Among the 56 total number of airports in the country, only 32 have been under operation, among which half have been running at a profit. The remaining airports have been functioning through the budget sent by the Airport Expense Center.

According to Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, the biggest share of profits has come from Tribhuvan International Airport. Tribhuvan Airport has a total profit of 6 Billion , 62 Crores, 77 Lakhs, 4 Thousand and 30 Rupees. The second highest-earning airport after Tribhuvan Airport is the Pokhara Airport, whcihearned 6 Crores, 39 Lakhs, 19 Thousand 5 Hundred and 7 Rupees in the last economic year. Similarly, the third highest-earning airport was Biratnagar Airport, which reported earnings of 5 Crores, 64 Lakhs, 77 Thousand, 7 Hundred and 97 Rupees. At fourth is Nepalgunj Airport earning 4 Crores, 56 Lakhs, 96 Thousand 2 Hundred ad 29 Rupees. The fifth most-earning airport was Gautam Buddha Airport at Bhairahawa which earned 3 Crores, 73 Lakhs, 51 Thousand, 7 Hundred and 6 Rupees. Bharatpur Airport reported the sixth highest earning at 2 Crores, 38 Lakhs, 14 Thousand and 88 Rupees. After the Muglin-Narayangadh Road broke down, Bharatpur Airport faced higher number of passengers. Chandragadhi Airport of Jhapa had a total earning of 2 Crores, 19 Lakhs, 60 Thousand, 4 Hundred and 3 Rupees while Tenzing-Hilary Airport at Solukhumbu had a total earning of 1 Crore, 86 Lakhs, 98 Thousand 5 Hundred and 76 Rupees.

Accordingly, the ninth highest-earning airport was Dhangadhi Airport which earned 1 Crore, 21 Lakhs, 11 Thousand and 12 Rupees while at tenth was Simkot Airport of Humla earning 1 Crore, 10 Lakhs, 54 Thousand, 1 Hundred and 14 Rupees.