Altitude Air adding new helicopter to its fleet

8th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 08: With the ongoing trend of increasing number of helicopters in Nepali air, Altitude Air is also adding new helicopters to its fleet.

"The helicopter is being manufactured in France," said proprieter Nima Norbu Sherpa, "we will import it to Nepal by 2019." The Airbus helicopter has the capacity to hold 6 passengers. With the addition, the two-year-old airline will have 3 helicopters in its fleet.

The helicopter, which is being purchased at a cost of Rs. 300 million, will be used for mountain flights and medical evacuations. Sherpa says that in these past few years, the number of people reserving helicopters has increased. They are mostly being used for mountain flights and rescues.

Helicopter companies are bringing new additions to their fleets with the increasing demand for helicopter services. Currently, Shree Airlines has 10 helicopters, Prabhu owns 5, Air Dynasty, Fishtail, Simrik, and Manang each have 4 helicopters, andĀ Altitude and Kailash have two helicopters.