Amusing experience in growing up in lap of Himalayas

22nd Jul, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

Grown up in the beautiful Himalayan region of Nepal, I feel myself fortuitous to be born on the lap of the highest peak Mt. Everest. The socio-economic and the living environment within this conservational region had always been amusing and enticing to the people all around the world. 


The region is highly influenced with tourism and mountaineering and so the people living there highly recon upon tourism. In 1963 I was involved in Everest expedition led by American expedition when I was ten years old. Since then, my journey in mountaineering started. Around 60% of expedition were done in Everest region and since I grew up near Mt. Everest many of my expedition were completed there. My family had established a strong mountaineering background since early. My great-great grandfather was also involved in an Everest expedition in the year 1920s-1924 led by Gorge Mallory and Edwin. My involvement in many such expeditions led me into establishing my own private company. It has been 46 years since I have actively been running the company and accordingly, I have also been an active member of different tourism and mountaineering associations and Federations. Consequently, I have built up good reputation among the people in different part of the Himalayan region of Nepal.


2015 earthquake was a dreadful loss to the nation. The Himalayan region suffered a huge devastation leading destruction of property, bridges, community trail and trekking and mountaineering trails. Soon after the earthquake we developed a direct response plan and went into action, we built around 72 temporary wooden bridges and repaired and built 1200 community and trekking trails for quick and easy access to revive mountaineering and tourism activities immediately. 


We operated a lot of humanitarian aid as well as built earthquake-resilient homes for earthquake victims. Under the leadership of my son Dawa Steven Sherpa Managing Director of Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd. and Co-Founder of Himalayan Climate Initiatives, with the financial and material support of our family members, our friends and our affiliated organizations, earthquake resistant houses were constructed and 696 houses were formally handed over to the Government of Nepal on March 1, 2017. In the second phase, 29 houses and a total of 725 houses were handed over to the Government of Nepal and distributed to the families of the needy Himalayan community through the Government of Nepal. We also distributed food, cloth, construction materials to various earthquake-affected communities on our own, as well as provided free health camps in various earthquake-affected districts and villages.


Recently, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought huge uncertainty and great impact across the globe, and its permanent crisis in world tourism has become a matter of concern. Similarly, the pandemic has had an adverse effect on the tourism sector of Nepal. Tourism and mountaineering workers are now jobless and are also a serious victim of Covid-19 crisis.


 My involvement in this sector has made me familiar in all of the 22 districts of the Himalayan region of Nepal and thus the people living there have requested me to help and support them and their family in such needy time. Climate Alliance of Himalayan communities (CAHC) represents all of these 22 districts with strong illustration of mountain communities. At the beginning of the first lockdown despite of enough financial support, many people had no access to mask, sanitizers and other important equipment. Considering such crisis, snce 24 March 2020 until 14 July 2021, we distribute almost 720,000 pcs of Surgical Masks and 6000 pcs of KN95 Masks in different mountain regions. Over viewing the problem faced by these people we distributed sports goods such as football and volleyball and net sets to keep them mentally and physically healthy following all the safety measures.


The second wave seen in 2021 shook the nation severely leading to many death casualties. The nation went into complete lockdown on 26th April 2021. Immediately after two days on 28th April 2021 I started distributing relief support to people involved in tourism and mountaineering sectors. Additionally, the relief was also distributed to needy, physically challenged people on request to their problems faced during the lockdown. Since there were strict regulations regarding the lockdown many people were not able to leave their home and so we distributed the relief materials from door to door. On the other hand, many students were facing the problem related to supplies, especially students from outer valley. Additional days to lockdown and restriction of vehicle movement, short on money, summed up more problems to the students. Paying attention to such crisis we have therefore distributed around 573 relief supports to students residing in Kathmandu valley. Accordingly, we have also dispersed nearly 1882+ supplies to such family facing the Covid-19 crisis. Beside relief support we have also provided free covid treatment and medicinal aid from Khangri International Hospital to people who are financially helpless. 


The relief distribution has brought quite an attention to different individual and organization too. Overseeing our activities many individuals, private company and organization are viewing interest on the program. Likewise, with the help of The Belgium Bikash we were able to distribute 309 relief materials to such families.  I would also like to thank KTM City for providing 500 pieces of clothing as a relief material.  Thus far we have been able to contribute 2464+relief help and support to students and families. I am also grateful to all my family members, individuals and organizations for their financial and material support towards me and my work.