An Amazing Experience of Chisapani trek

22nd Jun, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Literature meaning of Chisapani is "cold water" Nepali words : Chiso means: cold and Pani means : water. Chisapani is one of the best destinations for trek and is quite popular for tourists as well . Begins from Shivapuri national park . 


Left home around 5:30 am :

We left home around 5:30 am, early in the morning. Everyone of us were gathered on Chabahil (Route to Sundarijal) . We were around 14 of us . Everyone arrived on 6:30 am and after 15 minutes of waiting, finally the bus (local bus ) arrived . We went inside of the bus and we moved further .



Sundarijal - Chisapani hike route .

The hike from Sundarijal to Chisapani starts from Sundarijal which is 15km far from Kathmandu. You can easily find bus from old bus park .Then you get a bus which has a route from Chabahil - Boudha -Jorpati - Sundarijal . 


Finally, we stepped out of a bus. Walked for around 30 minutes and most of us already got tired . But then our brothers were the one to say not to stop . Some were in front me ,some were 30 steps far from me, some were in the middle. I mean we got slowly separated . Everything were managed by our elder brothers who are around 5 to 6 years elder than me . Arranged  umbrellas,  raincoat,  snacks, waters and etc by elders .


From Sundarijal , on the way there comes stairs which directly leads to ,"Shivapuri National Park". From there , we can find the well defined boards which has details like history,  directions or map , boards etc . We finally reached on the top where there are high waterfalls and rivers everywhere.  I love rain. As soon as I reached on top of Sundarijal, I felt the water drops on my skin . Must say that water drops made my mood more fresh . It's always fun to be with my siblings . They are very supportive and friendly. If you girls are single and wanna be mingle then DM me , I will let you girls go on a blind date with my brothers . Haha .


After 2 hours of continuous walking I got tired . Dada said me , " Nanu, dherai pani nakhau hai , tmlai hidhna  garo hunxh ". Hola bhanthanera maile ni ek-ek ghutki  khadai hidey . Suru ma ta Ali garo bho ukalo oralo hidhna tara bistarai sajilo bho . Here comes one of my brother in a group says ," la janti  sochera hidha , Matra  k bhanseko thiyo , sab jana nachna  thaley  , galbandi ko geet ma . I told you they are very funny and friendly . 


We were hungry already and we had 2 groups , 6 were with me and rest of them were in another group. Finally after 15 minute of interval , all if us gathers in one hotel , order our dhal-bhat-masu-tarkari-aachar and other food items . After 1 hour we again begin our hike . 

It was already 12:30pm, we walking by singing and dancing with a loud speaker . On the way we saw monkey's and kalij. The forest looks beautiful and dense with the sound of several birth ,chirping all over . Warning you , you have to walk a lott , up from hills to stairs . 

Finally we reached at the hotel where we booked 2 rooms . One for boys and another for girls.  It was quite cold.  We reached there by 4:30 PM.  Normally, people can reach with in 4 or 5 hours but it took long for us because we got rest maybe for 3 hours in the middle. We were freshen-up and after 2 hours of sleep , on around 6:30 PM or 7 , we played cards , ordered some snacks and dinner were ready on 9:30 PM. We stayed in "Hotel Chisopani " -named  hotel . Luckily the manager was our relative. And after having dinner we slept in around 11:30 PM.  Must day it was cold . 


Sundarijal-Chisapani hike and night stay :

As I already mentioned above we stayed a night . The hike is best if it turns into night stay trip . The hike from sundarijal to chisapani takes around 4 to 5 hours normally but took 7 to 8 hours for us , so it's better to stay a night and book a room rather than returning the same day . If you gonna stay there than you can see early in the morning hussu,  nepali word :Seth . And the water is so fresh and cold which can be heaven if you are all sweaty . You can also enjoy the sunrise the next day . 

Well , my day went awesome with my siblings . As always , it goes good when I be with my family members .Hiking does helps you to burn your fat . 

Thus, to all the people studying my writing, I would like to say thankyou for taking out your precious time on my writing , and request you visit chisapani once with friends or family . Have a great time. Always stay positive Peace . 



Text/Photo: Kripa Karki