Annapurna Village Municipality to charge taxes to hotels in tourism areas

18th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 18: Annapurna Village Municipality is going to charge taxes for the hotels and restaurants in tourist sites through right granted by the constitution. The municipality has asked for the registration card and tax payment bill to the hotels, restaurants and tourists sites.

Spokesperson of the municipality, Krishna Prashad  Baruwal, said that they have decided to charge fees for the tourist sites including Dhodepani, Punhill, Khopra, Gurung Tatopani, Moharehills. In the current fiscal year 2074-2075, 2.5 million rupees in taxes were collected from Gurung Tatopani and 50 thousand was collected from Punhill. In the coming year 2075-2076, the committee is expecting to collect 2.5 million taxes from Punhill and 1.5 million taxes from Ghodepani, said the Chief of the Annapurna Village Municipality, Dam Bahadur Pun.

The amount of money collected from the tax will be invested in the development of the place whereas 30% of the amount will be invested in developing other parts of the village. Till now, the tax is collected by the local hotel management sub-committees and youth clubs in Annapurna region. Likewise, the committee has planned to charge Rs. 15,000 per MW of electricity used by establishments. Likewise, yearly 12,000 will be charged for bus, 10,000 for jeep and 15,000 for truck.

Similarly, the tax charges of the hotels are divided into groups. 20,000 tax for Group A , 10,000 for Group B, 5,000 for group C, 2,000 for group D and 1,000 for Group E. The municipality has targeted to collect Rs 10 million through the various tax revenues.