AOC of Air Kasthamandap cancelled

6th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 6 : The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has cancelled the AOC of Air Kasthamandap.

Kasthamandap on 2009 have had started is service with two aircrafts. It has been flying charter flights to and from Nepalgunj and Surkhet of Karnali area and its AOC was subsequently cancelled from the month of June.

Before cancelling the AOC the aviation authority of Nepal have written letter to submit the audits of the Air Kasthamandap within two months.

The air service provider lost its one of the aircraft in an accident two years before and was confined to only one aircraft which also was unable to make flights in lack of various resources.

The air service provider was given ultimatum time and again by the regulatory body to submit the audit report and resume the operation. After failing to revive the AOC of the service provider was cancelled and now it has to complete the procedure again if it want to get back to Nepali sky.

With the close monitoring from the ICAO over the flight operation and other aspects of the Nepali airlines it has been more difficult to acquire the license and the permit to operate new airline in Nepal.

As the AOC of Kathamandap is cancelled the number of airlines with AOC has dropped to 19. Though the new airlines are making their debut into Nepali skies the older and the senior ones are being faded out in lack of capability to operate.