The Tamang Heritage Trail – Trekking, Hot Springs, Time to Wonder….

22nd Aug, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

There has been one special reason for me to choose the Tamang Heritage Trail (THT) for my first visit in Nepal and now there are so many reasons to come back to the THT, but before I tell you about my personal experience, a local guide gives you some general information about this destination in Nepal:

“Walking on the Tamang Heritage Trail's trek consists only of 8 days, or less, from the start to the end. And it is the right choice of perfect short trip for the people who are tight with their schedules. But though only 8 days, one can discover varieties of things as the Tamang Heritage Trail trek comprised miscellaneous from nature, Himalayas, cultures, typical and unique in people's lifestyle. The altitude ranges from 1500 m to max 3645 m. The trails are mostly lined by forests which supplies ample oxygen. So mountain sickness has almost no chance. In within 8, or less than 8 days, one will take life long lasting beautiful memories from the Tamang Heritage Trail's typical experiences. The THT on feet starts from

Shyafrubesi as a gateway along traditionally constructed Gatlang, Chilime, Tatopani,

Nagthali, Thuman, Bridhim and ends in Syafrubesi.”

In October last year I made my way all the way from Germany to Kathmandu to meet a friend from India. We decided to do the THT together. In KTM we organised our bus tickets to Syafrubesi and left very early the next day. After a night in Syafrubesi we started walking uphill in the morning to get to Gatlang. We had a proper meal in a little shop on top and the second part of the way this day turned out to be mostly straight and easy to walk. We took breaks, enjoyed beautiful views on the way and chose the first guesthouse on the way in Gatlang. Walking through the village in the late afternoon, we discovered houses with beautiful decorated wooden windows, very friendly people and a wonderful surrounding.

The next stage took us from Gatlang to Tatopani. In former times Tatopani had been famous for its hot spring. After the terrible earthquake in 2015, this hot spring ran dry. But we both had been lucky enough to meet a local guide and his client on our way. He told us about a new found hot spring near the village of Chilime on the way to Tatopani and he invited us to go with him and his client for a while. So from now on we had been a group of four from four different countries. We all really enjoyed the hot water near Chilime in a natural pool directly next to the ice cold river. It had been relaxing and refreshing and after a good meal in a Tamang House we crossed a bridge to make our way uphill to Tatopani on the other side of the river. 

Under the beautiful sun in the morning of the next day we started walking to Nagthali. On our way we enjoyed the awesome views, but with reaching the guesthouse in Nagthali at noon, the sky got a bit cloudy. So we spent a relaxed afternoon in the wonderful nature around the guesthouse. In the evening we all came together in the kitchen talking and having a good time in front of the fire place. The freezing cold night ended at 05:30 in the morning for us, because the local guide wanted to take us to a special view point. On our way uphill the morning dawned and when we finally reached the view point on an altitude of about 3500 metres the sun was shining in the blue sky and we had a brilliant view on the high mountains and the region of Tibet.

Filled up with wonderful pictures of the Himalayas we walked downhill from the view point back to the guesthouse and then further to the village of Thuman. It would had been also a nice place to stay but we decided to go all together to the village of Briddim. So we had to cross the river. We came to a suspension bridge that had been recently repaired after a rockfall. In that situation it was me hesitating a bit before crossing the bridge but with the help of the others I made it and it was safely after all. After crossing the bridge we went uphill for a long time to get to Briddim. When it got dark, we arrived and spent a relaxed evening around the fire place in a wonderful guesthouse and a good night in comfortable wooden rooms.

The next morning the four of us walked all the way mostly downhill to Syafrubesi crossed the river again and took the chance for another bath in a hot spring. The hot spring of Syafrubesi is a bit hidden next to the river. After a lunch we both had to say good bye to the local guide and his client, because my friend and me had to leave to Kathmandu the next day. So my trekking on the THT ended here, but there are more information about the THT which are given by the local guide:

“Unfortunately almost all the territories of the Tamang Heritage region were badly affected by the natural calamity in 2015 as result of the earthquakes on 25th April. Many houses were demolished, people had to become homeless, a lot died and got injured. It is still hard work to overcome the sorrows that they have to bear from 3 years ago. But for trekking it is very safe since the locals reconstructed the lodges and guesthouses as well as they keep the paths in good ordered and by building permanent bridges in safer location. So there have to be no worries about food and accomodation while traveling on the Tamang Heritage Trail. Trekkers can fully enjoy their trip feeling independently. And visiting to these places with purpose of trekking will help to the locals in collection of money so they can afford for living and send children to school daily. So, your sweet thoughts of choosing to trek on Tamang Heritage Trail will be yours kind enough to give the hope of supporting them through sharing the wealth by giving business. ”

The reason for me to come to the THT was to find a friend I unfortunately have lost contact to long time ago. I haven´t found him yet, but this time I was allowed to get to know a very special place and wonderful people – more than enough reasons to come back to the THT.



By Tenpi Nhima Tamang (local guide) and Ari Ziesch