Snowfall prolongs tourists’ stay

12th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

ILAM, Jan 12: The snowfall occurred in the upper hilly area of Ilam and Panchthar districts is yet to clear. Tourists from the lower belt and district headquarters are gathered to relish the natural beauty. 

Sandakpur of Ilam and Sadhutar and Pauwabhanjyang area of Panchthar have witnessed crowds of tourists. The snowfall occurred a week back is yet to clear. 

The tourists are enjoying with snow despite chilling cold it brought. The upper hills blanketed with snow have given scenic view to the nature lovers. Selfie taking with snow fun is commonplace. From morning to evening, the tourists are busy taking photos, playing with and skating on snow.

Even the foreign tourists are enjoying the snow along with domestic tourists. They have prolonged stay, said a foreign tourist.

However, the locals here are worried about the daily activities owing to severe cold with the snowfall.