Spread of Corona Virus in China affects Nepal’s Tourism

29th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: The Visit Nepal 2020 campaign is going to get affected by corona virus spread in China. The government had planned to invite 5 hundred thousand tourists from China in 2020 and 2 million tourists all together in the country.

Photo: Prakash Mathema

The Chinese government has instructed millions of residents in Wuhan city not to leave the city without having any urgent work due to the spread of Corona virus. China has closed all air and road services in Wuhan.

Tourism entrepreneurs in Nepal have seen the impact of this. Chairman of the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents(NATTA), Achyut Sharma Guragain said the Chinese tourist arrivals had declined drastically due to the corona virus.

"We have not examined the data, but daily arrivals from China have dropped drastically," he said, adding that the number of Chinese tourists in Nepal will have a big impact unless flights from North China are opened.

According to President Guragain, if Chinese tourists cancel their plans to visit Nepal, the visit year plan will have a direct impact. Binayak Shah, the First Vice President of the Hotel Association of Nepal, said, "There is a New Year's holiday in China. It's time to go out for the Chinese. The Chinese government has canceled the flight which has an impact on Nepal's tourism sector too! '