“Pull a chair. Take a taste. Come Radisson to enjoy endless flavours."

26th Feb, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

A delicacy heaven for people who love the tasteful and explosive flavour of barbeque food. The event hosted by Radisson Hotel Kathmandu took place at The Terrace Garden located at its premises. The excitement builds as you enter the building as you see the poster of the event. 

When you reach The Terrace Garden you are mesmerized with a sight of tall buildings that are bewitching and the slight cold breeze that accompanies it. The tables are set perfectly and also to combat the cold some fire were set near to the tables. I was warmly welcomed by two waitresses, Sujita Rai and Rupa Pandey, and was introduced to the chiefs, Ram Panta and Umesh Kafle, who were making the dishes.

There were two choices so that every people could enjoy the tasteful flavour of barbeque. Those two choices were non-veg and veg. I ordered items belonging to both of those groups. The chiefs were working fast and efficiently captivating the people who were watching. As soon as they were done I was served with a bottle of Warsteiner Beer to accompany the dishes.

I was firstly served with Mutton Sekuwa with Tomato pickle along with some fries and salad. This dish was neatly presented. The first bite I took had a punch of the juices and flavour of the spices that were present in it. I experienced smoky flavour which made it more delicious. The mutton meat was tender but not too tender that it may fall apart. The spices were just right for the taste of Nepali people. The pickle brought more zing to the meat making it more delicious.

The second item brought to my table was a vegetarian item called Mushroom Shaslik which was served with BBQ Sauce along with some fries and micro salad. It was presented beautifully. It had some colours to because of the onion, tomato, mushroom and capsicum. It was lightly spiced as the olive oil brought its taste to a whole another level. The BBQ Sauce brought the sweet but a bit chilly taste to the dish.

Another dish that was presented to my table was Leban Chick Pea Pattie with Tzatziki, Hummos, Lettuce and Pita Bread which was accompanied by Tzatziki Sauce, some fries and micro salad. When taken a bite the Pattie melted in my mouth with an explosive punch of flavour. The Lettuce brought some bite to the dish. The Tzatziki Sauce which is based on curd brought a different sweet flavour to the dish.

Another dish that entered my table was BBQ Chicken Breast with Wasabi Peri Peri Sauce presented with side of fries and some salad. The first bite I took made an impact on my mouth as the juices presented in the chicken when it was marinated entered my mouth. The chicken was sweet along with a right amount of salt also the smokiness of the BBQ. The chicken was brought to another level by the Peri Peri Sauce which was a little spicy and flavourful.

 The event was an interesting one as I didn’t notice the time that went. The event made a great impact on me and I would go again for another round of the flavourful smokiness heaven. The hospitality was great and warm that would make everyone go again.

Text: Jebin Joshi