Arrival of Indian tourists increases after launch of flight service

13th Jan, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 13: Due to the air transport bubble scheme to start regular flights between Nepal and India after 9 months, the arrival of Indian tourists in Nepal has gradually increased. Nepal and India had agreed on the air transport bubble scheme proposed by India on December 20. Accordingly, the arrival of Indian tourists has increased since the launch of the flight.

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Due to the Corona pandemic, flights between Nepal and India were suspended from March 26, 2020. Last October, India had proposed to Nepal an 'air transport bubble scheme' to take back the citizens of different countries, but Nepal had rejected it. The government had reopened the international flights, which had been suspended for five months due to the corona infection, on September 3 and resumed domestic flights on September 20.

Although international flights were gradually increasing, flights to India had not started. According to tourism businessmen, many Indian tourists have come to Nepal by air to celebrate the New Year after the two countries decided to fly Kathmandu-Delhi through one airline under the air bubble scheme.

Even though the air route is normally open, thousands of tourists who want to come to Nepal have not been able to come to Nepal as the Nepal-India border is closed. Therefore, the border area should be opened following the health standards, said Krishna Prasad Sharma, President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Lumbini. He also said that Indian tourists who wanted to come to Lumbini could not come when the border was closed.

Kishor Joshi, vice-president of Siddhartha Hotel Association Bhairahawa, said that the arrival of Indian tourists would increase with the opening of the border. ‘There is a lot of questioning going on from the border. However, tourists coming by land have not been able to come when the border is closed. If the border can be opened, Indian tourists can be brought to Nepal. This will definitely help in reviving the tourism industry, ”he said.
Naresh Bhattarai, first vice-president of the Hotel and Restaurant Businessmen's Association (Rewan) Pokhara, said that the air transport bubble scheme has made it easier for Indian tourists to stay at home due to the long shutdown. Especially in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini, Indian tourists came to celebrate the New Year. As per the latest agreement, Nepal Airlines Corporation will operate Kathmandu-Delhi-Kathmandu from Nepal and Air India will operate Delhi-Kathmandu.