Asil Ozbay: Solo lady biker who embarked on her journey from Istanbul-Nepal

3rd Sep, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Everyone dream to follow their passion, but not everyone can make their dream come true. Asil Ozbay is a Turkish girl who embarked upon a journey to fulfill her passion for riding with the slogan: One girl, One Bike, One world.

Asil Ozbay is a lecturer in Istanbul University and a solo traveler, who has traveled around 28 countries so far in a bike. She has explored various cultures and lifestyle of people belonging to different countries of Asia, Europe, and Africa during her summer break. On 20th June 2016, she started her journey from Istanbul- Nepal. She came all along from Istanbul- Nepal in Bike which was provided by Honda company.

Ozbay is a girl who believed in life. She believes that being a solo traveler, you can easily communicate with people and can share emotions. She has traveled all her way to spread a message that women can travel solo and can do everything in her life without any barriers.

While talking about some of her memories in Nepal, she says that she entered Nepal from Sunauli Border. The one thing that she loved the most about Nepal is the hospitality of people. When we asked her to recall one of her best memory in Nepal, she said, "I met a police officer in Sunauli, and he welcomed me by offering foods, ice-cream. During that moment, I felt overwhelmed."

Though while traveling in her journey, she struggled on the way to the Himalayas and had to ride for 10hrs a day, but Ozbay believed that what matters is a journey, not a destination. She has become an inspiration to all the women by riding 14,800 km all the way from Turkey- Nepal. After having such a wonderful experience, she returned to Turkey with the support of Turkish Airlines and Turkish Cargo.