Authorities set to ramp up tourism promotional plan in Chuliban

24th Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

DHANKUTA, Feb 24: The Dhankuta municipality will be spending an annual five million rupees for promoting tourism at the Chuliban Deurali Danda.

[caption id="attachment_3941" align="alignnone" width="960"] Chuliban[/caption]

The Deurali hill is located one kilometers from Dhankuta headquarters in ward no 7. The location has been a major spot for construction works for the past five years.

Dhankuta Municipality's CEO, Tirtha Dhital, said the tourism master plan will be given continuity this year as well. Dhital added that the municipality last year failed to implement a plan bearing a budget amount of Rs 9 million, so from this year the government authorities will collaborate with an NGO named 'Ramlihang – Riddima Chuliban Tourism Sector' for promotional programmes.

The construction of temples, roadways, railings and parks has been ramped up in Chuliban. The municipality plans to take on board Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) when implementing the Chuliban Tourism Master Plan. RSS