Aviation of Nepal is on the Rise

13th May, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 13: The year 2018 is the most visited year in the aviation history of Nepal. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, 4.3 million passengers traveled that year. The number of passengers had increased by 1.1 million in three years from 3.2 million in 2015.

International travelers who were almost stationary in 2019 then fell victim to the Corona. The flight was canceled due to the Corona pandemic. The number of air passengers has been increasing lately after the Corona pandemic subsided.

Although domestic flights became normal in 2021, international flights have not returned to normal. The Corona effect continued on international flights in 2021.

There are signs that international flights will return to normal in early 2022. In three months, 641,000 passengers have traveled. According to the Tribhuvan International Airport Office, an average of 200,000 passengers travel on a monthly basis. This average corona is still lower than before the pandemic.However, air travel is returning to normal. Entrepreneurs say natural growth is likely to be seen in international flights from next year.

The international aviation sector is a major area of trade. But this large area has been dominated by foreign airlines rather than domestic ones. Foreign airlines have been taking advantage of the growing potential in the airspace. But lately, domestic airlines have been increasing their dominance. In 2017, only 10 percent of passengers were in the name of domestic airlines. That means the same proportion of indigenous airlines participated in the trade.

But as the effects of the Corona pandemic become more common, domestic airlines are expanding their influence on international flights. According to the data for the first three months of 2022, domestic airlines have managed to occupy 30 percent.

While 641,445 passengers traveled in three months, 193,953 passengers have been carried by domestic airlines. This is 30.23 percent of the total passengers. Four airlines have got licenses for international flights from Nepal. However, regular commercial flights are mainly from Nepal Airlines and Himalayan Airlines. Buddha Air is flying to Vanaras, India. Shree Airlines has taken flight permission only for chartered flights. Even though Yeti Airlines has taken flight permission, it has not started flying yet and the AOC of BB Airways has been revoked.

Businessmen argue that it is difficult for airlines operating domestic flights in Nepal or anyone who wants to come to Nepal to get permission but foreigners get it as soon as they apply. Despite getting permission, it is difficult for Nepali Airlines to be successful and competitive in international flights. Due to high fuel prices and low competitiveness, Nepali airlines are seen as weak.

Later Himalayas and Nepal Airlines have been expanding their destinations. Buddha Air plans to expand regular international flights after the Pokhara airport comes into operation. Entrepreneurs say that the influence of Nepali Airlines is gradually increasing.