Bahundanda with huge paragliding prospects in a state of neglect

3rd Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PALPA, Feb 3: The Bahundanda area in the district is a natural paradise. One can get a panoramic view of the Himalaya range, the series of hills and the Kaligandaki valley from here. More, it has greenery on all sides.

Vol en parapente

This place has huge prospects from the tourism point of view, one of them being paragliding. But the sad part is that it is in the shadows due to the lack of physical infrastructures.

Located in a remote rural setting of Rampur Municipality-10, Bahundanda is far from the madding crowd. Watching over the Kaligandaki basin from this vantage point is really eye-catching.

However, access to this area has become difficult as the dust road connecting it has not been upgraded and the place lacks other physical facilities for the visitors.

Bahundanda can earn huge amounts in tourism revenue if paragliding could be operated here, as it would attract large number of foreign and domestic tourists. Yet this fact does not seem to have sunk in the minds of the local bodies, the political parties, intelligentsia and the civil society of this area.

The local government has not paid its attention to the development of Bahundanda area as the Rampur Municipality has rarely allocated budget for the development of this area. There is no power, drinking water and road facility in Bahundanda area.