Bajeko Sekuwa opens first international outlet in New York

16th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 16: The popular Nepali food chain Bajeko Sekuwa has opened its first branch in Queens Boulevard, New York.

Top Nepali artists including Ram Krishna Dhakal, Jagdish Hamal, and DJ LS entertained the customers in the opening gala, which saw a large gathering of Nepalis from New York enjoying the Nepali dishes.

"With a target of opening six more Bajeko Sekuwa outlets across different parts of the United states by 2024, we are confident that we will hit the right notes, I am confident on my brand and my team," said Chetan Bhandari,  chairman of Bajeko Sekuwa.

Bajeko Sekuwa currently has 13 national outlets, with New York as its first international outlet. The company is planning to open other international outlets in Qatar, Doha, Sydney and Finland.