Balloon Nepal to introduces new sight of viewing Pokhara city

16th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 16:Tourists visiting Nepal’s City of Lakes, Pokhara will get a newer experience to view the city from the air, the Balloon Nepal Pvt. Ltd has announced to bring on the service from tomorrow ie.17 November.

The company has purchased balloons from USA based Adam’s Balloon Company by investing 5 million rupees. The company also has stated that it will add more balloons as per the need and demands in near future. “The Balloon will take off from Dhampus and land in shore of Mardi river,” the release from the company states.

The company also has fixed the charge for the service which will cost 11,000 rupees for Nepali and 160 dollar for foreigners per  an hour flight which enables passengers to get bird eyes view over the city.

The flights will be completely safe as trained pilots will be on board. The pilots are brought in from China who has knowledge of flying the balloons whereas we have brought in well known and experienced ground handling technicians from India. The company also has informed that a total of half million rupees insurance is made per passenger while they fly on board.